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If your anything like me then allowing yourself to take time out and rest brings a cloud of guilt hovering over your head. I always feel like I should be doing the dishes, I should be working on my blog, I should be reading that book I bought myself months ago that I promised I could wiz through in a week. Who am I kidding?

Of course I’d take time out to rest but before baby that would usually be on a Sunday. I’d kicked back on the couch and enjoy being a couch potato for a few hours. Now with a baby on board, I sure as hell felt like kicking back on that couch a hell of a lot more.

But, I feel bad. Why? Because I didn’t “look” pregnant in the early days. So in a way I felt I couldn’t justify taking a little more time out to rest. This of course sounds ridiculous! Um, I’m growing a human with hands, feet, eyes, arms and legs. It’s hard work growing all those body parts!

So why are we so damn hard on ourselves? I think in general women tend to be hard on themselves, we can be our own worst enemy. Trust me, I know I am. I’m probably my worst critic. However, I believe social media plays a huge part. To see those perfectly timed photos of beautiful mummies exercising with their gorgeous bellies. Or the mumma to be in her gorgeous spotless houses.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful thing to show of your gorgeous growing bump, it’s a beautiful time in any women’s life and should be cherished.

But it can tough to see those photos all day every day and begin to feel like you’re not doing “enough”.

So I started out my week feeling really good, loads of energy. Monday I exercised, Tuesday I exercised, Wednesday I exercised I felt a little sore and tired but nothing I couldn’t handle. THEN Thursday WAM BAM face first, head plant into the pillow.

Thursday WAM BAM face first, head plant into the pillow

This is where I wanted to stay for the entire day.

Unfortunately, I had to face the world and work. I felt teary, tired, sore and achy from exercising for the last three days. A headache had crept in and had become a little too persistent for my liking. I was depleted. Of course I took the morning off my usual exercise routine and headed into work.

I had anticipated getting better as the day went on, but this was not one of those days.

Aches and pain got progressively worse and by the end of the day I was outta of there!

A hop skip and a jump later, I was home, quietly eating minestrone soup whilst enjoying a glass of San Pellagrino Mineral Water. In a wine glass of course!

I ran a lukewarm bath (ensure your baths aren’t hot) with Epson salts and baking soda, soaked for 20 minutes, read my book and headed to bed early.

This morning I woke up feeling like a different person.

As I had been fortunate enough to feel physically well (emotionally well is another story) during my first trimester I had been staying on the merry go round of life and didn’t take time jump off and REST.

I’m a to do list kind of girl, once one thing gets ticked off I’m onto the next. Always busy. Whether it be working, writing, reading, researching I’m always doing, doing, doing.

However, I had to remember that I have my most important to do list in front of me right now and that my life isn’t just about me anymore. I’m growing a little human and that little human, no matter how little needs me to take extra care of myself now more than ever before. She needs this so she can grow nice and strong and ready to take on the world once earth side.

So give yourself permission to rest and I mean truly give yourself permission to rest and relax and take time out to jump off the merry go round of life. I know it can be hard to justify slowing down some days especially when you don’t look pregnant but it’s just as important for you as it is for your baby.

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