Words by Megan Jane

It was a spectacular winters day. If you’re lucky to have visited the Gold Coast or live in this beautiful part of the world, you’ll know that our winters are enviable to that of other states farther south. Not a hint of humidity could be felt, again if you’ve had the equal pleasure of our summers then you’ll know that Gold Coast and 99% humidity go hand in hand. Hello frizzy hair and sweat dripping behind your neck. Trust me I experience both on a daily basis in the summertime.

This was not that day, so with the gorgeous sunshine basking down on the earth, I decided I would enjoy its beauty whilst I wrote my blog. I’d been feeling a flat over the last few days and been so busy on my days off I hadn’t had a chance to enjoy the outdoors and get amongst the nature as much as I had wanted. I thought an hour in sun with the grass between my toes would do me the world of good. I headed down to a nice grassy patch out the front of where I live, laid down a rug under a shady tree, stretched my legs out, took a few deep breaths in for two, held for four and out for 6. I laid there enjoying the deep blue sky which stretched as far as the eye could see and the sunshine, which warmed my chilly bones. It felt good. I mean really good.

It’s incredible just how powerful an impact the healing power of nature can have on your soul. It’s beautiful when you discover what can reset and reinvigorate you no matter how you’ve been feeling. For me it’s laying down on the grass with the sunshine beaming down, a cool breeze brushing past my cheeks, and the rustle of trees nearby. It’s hard to describe it but each and every time I take time out to do this, I always feel relaxed, content, grateful and most often a little smile forms ever so slightly on the corners of my lips. It invigorates my soul and reenergises my being and brings back to who I truly am.

I want you to start thinking about what that is for you? I know for others a quick dip in the ocean is their answer to a liquid elixir, but what’s yours?

I’m sure there are mummies out there that can relate to this (and I’m sure in good time I will know this feeling all too well, and long for time of peace and quiet) that life nowadays is so often busy and chaotic.

We become so caught up in the everyday needs and wants of our family that we can forgot to take a little time out for ourselves even it’s just a few brief moments. I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you this but it is okay to allow a few moments for yourself every now and then. Not only for you but your family.

It’s doesn’t have to be an hour of laying around trying to find your centre, hell I don’t even have time for that! But everyone can rustle up a few minutes to just be. If you’re not pressed for time enjoy that activity that reinvigorates your soul. You’ll feel a million dollars and your family will reap the benefits. If your pressed for time a simple breathing exercise with a candle lit can do you the world of good.

It took me years to get into breathing exercises. I always knew the benefits but never really placed a huge emphasis on it. I thought how much of a difference can a breathing exercise really make? How wrong I was!

So after years of resisting, when I fell pregnant I thought right, now is the time to learn to calm my monkey mind and truly learn to slow down and breath.

I love, love, loved this breathing exercise when I first started out, it was incredibly simple, helped to calm my monkey mind even if for a few moments, I can only describe the feeling as a warming buzz to the soul.

Breathing Exercise Instructions:

To do this breathing exercise sit in an easy crossed legged position, relaxing your face, mouth, cheeks, shoulders, stomach, legs and toes. Take a deep breath in filling your lungs, when you feel you can’t take any more air in. Sip in a little extra air. Then breath out to a count of 20. Repeat 5 times.

Go on, do it, I know you want to!



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