Long Service Leave 1

Words by Megan Jane

The title pretty much says it all!

Baby brain or as I like to call it long service leave of the brain really reared it’s ugly head during week 9 of my pregnancy, think muddling up words, completely forgetting what the point of a conversation was mid-way through sentence. Usually followed by the awkward “Um sorry what were we just talking about?”

And don’t forget the frozen berries I put in the cupboard – I only noticed this the next morning when I small puddle of water started to pool at the bottom.

My brain is a bowl of mushy peas.

Of course because I was yet tell work colleagues of my expectant bundle of joy I’m fairly certain they all believed my brain had gone on an extended holiday to Hawaii with no hope of returning anytime soon.

Multi-tasking? You must be dreaming! I’ve had to re-read this blog roughly 10 times just to make sure there were no mistakes, so please forgive me if you spot one on way.

I had to head into work an hour earlier just to double check my work. I’ve always heard of the baby brain from friends who’ve become mums, but like anything you never truly have an understanding of something until you’ve been through it yourself.

Now, I understand what it’s like to really feel what this whole baby brain thing is about. It’s tough. Especially as my mild dyslexia which was something that only really affected me occasionally, cue “I’m going to go have family with my dinner”. I’d occasionally jumble my words around like this when speaking, not a lot, but now it really likes to show off and strut its stuff.pregnancy-brain

More than anything it’s extremely frustrating, before the baby invasion if I mixed words up mid-sentence I knew instantly I had mixed them up and could quickly regain myself. Now with baby happily taking residence in my
womb, I will say something (words mixed up of course).

Adam: Takes one look at me and says “You know you mixed those words up

Me: “It sounded right didn’t it”

Adam repeats back to me what I’ve just said, and it’s not until then that I realise I’ve said the words around the wrong way. Incredibly frustrating especially being the academic person that I am.

This whole baby brain experience was a gentle reminder to not be so hard on myself. That I am going through enormous changes and that making a baby is hard work, and unlike anything I’ve experienced all will experience in my entire life.

In the end it doesn’t matter that I occasionally muddle up my words, it’s only temporary, I’ve got more important things to think about like ensuring our baby is growing nice and strong.


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