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Words by Megan Jane

Well HELLO Week 8.

I’m sure they’re plenty of other women out there that can relate to this, that keeping your pregnancy a secret is damn HARD.

For me it’s been really hard keeping my news under wraps, until the symbolic week 12 scan is undertaken. I’ve told my nearest and dearest but not all family and friends had been told that I’d had a visit from the stork.

Adam and I wanted to ensure all the bits were in all in the right place so it felt like time was standing still and I was never going to get to the week 12 scan. I’m was just so damn excited! Which of course makes it especially difficult.Week 8 - Blog Picture

Aside from this I’m haven’t fallen prey to the dreaded morning sickness. There have only been a few evenings where I’ve felt a bit uneasy in the tummy and haven’t wanted to eat my dinner.

The waterworks on the other hand still continue. I watched a video on Facebook, the general story line being, “Watch Labradors excitement over seeing owner after 7 months apart”. I’m a sucker for animals at the best of times so with a body full of hormones spilling out everywhere it got me HARD. Tears streaming down my face. I’ll happily admit my emotions were shocking during the first trimester.

One pregnancy symptom I did experience was breast soreness.  I hadn’t quite realised the difficulty it would cause for certain activities I once found relaxing and enjoyable.

I was attending my weekly yoga class, and you wouldn’t think breast soreness would be an issue right? But try laying down on a bolster in the pigeon position (if you’re unsure of what this position looks like please google it), or just any general yoga position that requires you to lay chest first into a bolster or yoga mat. You’d probably be thinking why not just speak up and let the instructor know you need to adjust your moves to suit your body? Well I had pondered this as I lay on my bolster in the pigeon position placing my arms under my shoulders and leveraging myself up just enough to take the weight off my boobs whilst toning my triceps at the same time.

Unfortunately, as I was still in the earlier stages of baby production I had to keep my lips sealed. Not exactly what I had in mind for my relaxing and calming yoga session, though I’m sure this all prepares me for things to come. Those simple things I take for granted may soon be a distant memory. Did someone say “I’d like to have sleep in?”

Ladies I want to hear what interesting pregnancy symptoms you’ve experienced or are experiencing right now?

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