Obstetrician or Midwife

Words by Megan Jane

Making the all-important decision on which type of healthcare practitioner you choose to bring along your pregnancy journey can be a tricky. Private midwife or obstetrician? For me a private midwife felt like the perfect fit, it suited and nurtured my needs and honoured my approach to healthcare. In the words of Dr Sarah J Buckley MD “A good midwife can remind us by her presence that we carry genetically the birth successes of all foremothers and that we know already how to give birth”. After deciding a midwife was whom I wanted to take on my pregnancy journey I sought the help of an experienced midwife at My Own Midwife.

It was the day of my first appointment, I was excited almost verging on giddy and apprehensive all at once.

Adam also came along.

My Own Midwife

The first appointment was roughly 1 ½ hours. I instantly connected with Mary* and she made me feel completely at ease. She answered the multitude of questions we had for her thoroughly, and then felt for the all-important heartbeat, I was looking forward to hearing it for the first time but unfortunately it was too early on and she couldn’t quite make out a distinct beat. I would have to wait! Of course, we all know now I’m terrible at that but I had no choice.

A good private midwife provides care during pregnancy, birth and in the post-natal weeks or months. What I love most about a private midwife is their sole purpose is nurture your needs and to understand who you are as an individual and what you need throughout your pregnancy. They’re like your pregnancy mother guiding you and providing you with the wisdom to make the journey into motherhood as smooth transition as possible.

They go through your entire medical records, check baby’s heart-beat, provide education about which books may be helpful, breastfeeding and supplement advice, plus much more. They also offer emotional support and help you learn about the physical and emotional changes you may experience.

Another huge positive was the continuity of care, they not only care for you and your baby during pregnancy. They’re also there for the labour and birth of your baby and offer 6 weeks of post-natal visits either from their offices or from the privacy of your very own home. This can be especially helpful for women as they readjust to life with their precious ones.

If that wasn’t enough they can refer you for all your pregnancy related blood work and ultrasounds. Also if your midwife is an authorised PBS (pharmaceuticals benefits scheme prescriber (authorised midwives) they can write certain prescriptions such as common antibiotics and pain relief if needed during pregnancy.

Whether you choose a private midwife or an obstetrician honour your needs this is your birth experience and your baby.

*Names have been changed

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