One thing is for sure, our kids poop matters! Constipation is a tell tale sign that things are not working as efficiently as they should be within our delicate internal ecosystem. The following seven strategies offers natural ways to help kick constipation to the curb for good!

Dietary change 〰 kids bowels need fibre to help keep things moving along. Whole veggies and fruits are of the utmost importance to help with constipation woes. However, there are a few specific foods which may help a little more than others such as kiwifruit, blackberries, leafy greens such as spinach and beetroot.

Stay hydrated 〰this is probably just as important as diet, now remember fibre absorbs water so if you’re eating a diet full of fruits and veggies with oodles of fibre but not having water then that food ain’t going anywhere, so keep the water up! Kids should be having 30ml per kilogram of body weight per day.

Probiotics 〰 constipation is a tell tale sign that our gut ecosystem is out of whack. To reestablish a healthy gut ecosystem a high quality probiotic can be used. My favourite for kids is Spectrumceuticals Pro 6 Infant.

Improve digestion function 〰 another great product I’ve found to have great success amongst constipated kids (Olive included) is Flordis Iberogast. This product can be used from birth and can be used for a myriad of digestive complaints including constipation. It contains a range of liver, and digestive herbs as well as herbs that calm the stomach.

Gentle laxatives 〰 these are a great way to get things moving along and sometimes these are all that are needed. Liquorice tea can do wonders for bowel stimulation. Another great combination is slippery elm powder, oat bran, lactulose and liquorice root mix in with apple juice or grated apple and consumed 3 x day for a period of 2 weeks.

Feed yo’ bugs 〰 prebiotics are a must for feeding the good guys. Lactulose is a fantastic and cheap prebiotic readily available in most chemists. Start low 1/4 tsp then build as necessary. Maximum 15ml per day. Bear in mind some kids can become windy or complain of stomach pain if dosed too high if this happens just drop the dose.

Sometimes no matter what you do your child won’t find any relief. If this is happening be sure to have your child checked for possible faecal impaction. This can often show up as a child with watery stools, most parents believe their child is finally going to the loo but whats actually happening is the poo behind the impaction is leaking through causing runny diarrhoea so be sure to have this checked.

Words by

Megan Jane

BBioMedSci & BClinSci


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